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Watsonia vol. 10 (1974-75)


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Obituaries. Watsonia 10, 202-205

  • Horace Edgar Green (1886-1973) by V. Gordon
  • J. Donald Grose (1901-1973) by E.C. Wallace
  • Stanley T. Jermyn (1909-1973) by K.J. Adams
  • Roy Leslie Smith (1892-1973) by A.E. Wade

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Short Notes. Watsonia 10 (1975), 285-293

  • Correct name of inland radiate plants of Senecio vulgaris L. D.E. Allen
  • Sigesbeckia jorrulensis H., B. & K. - the correct name for S. cordifolia H., B. & K. R.K. Brummitt.
  • Notes on Hieracium from Flint and eastern Denbigh. T. Edmondson & J.N. Mills.
  • The decline of Vicia sativa L. sensu stricto in Britain. H.J. Killick.
  • A note on Fascicularia, Ochagavia and Rhodostachys. D. McClintock.
  • The distinction between Oxalis corniculata L. and O. exilis A. Cunn.
  • Frankenia laevis L. in Anglesey. R.H. Roberts.
  • Taraxacum palustre (Lyons) Symons in Anglesey. R.H. Roberts & A. McG. Stirling.
  • Does Sambucus ebulus reproduce by seed in Britain? E.J. Salisbury.

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