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Watsonia vol. 16 (1986-1987)


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Short Notes. Watsonia 16 (1986), 75-87

  • A reliable method for distinguishing between Betula pendula and B. pubescens. Atkinson, M.D. & Codling, A.N.
  • More about sea- and lakeballs. J.F.M. Cannon.
  • Dactylorhiza majalis (Reichb.) P.F. Hunt & Summerhayes subsp. cambrensis (R.H. Roberts) R.H. Roberts in S.E. Yorkshire. F.E. Crackles.
  • The rediscovery of Carex maritima Gunn. on the fairways at St. Andrews Links, Fife. S.J. Leach.
  • Filago pyramidata L. refound in West Sussex. H.W. Matcham & M. Briggs.
  • Chromosome numbers of Irish plants (1). J.A.N. Parnell.
  • An additional criterion for assessing native status. C.D. Preston.
  • The distribution of Sorbus lancastriensis E.F. Warburg. T.C.G. Rich & M. Baecker.
  • Further discoveries of Hieracium backhousei F.J. Hanb. D.J. Tennant.

Book Reviews. Watsonia 16 (1986), 89-103

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Short Notes. Watsonia 16 (1986), 173-182

  • Sarracenia in the New Forest. R.E. Daniels & A.J. Crane
  • Carex muricata L. subsp. muricata not in Devon. R.W. David
  • Petrorhagia nanteulii (Burnat) P.W. Ball & Heywood in Mid-Glamorgan. H.J. Dawson
  • Dactylorhiza maculata (L.) Soo x D. traunsteineri (Sauter) Soo in N.E. Yorks. M.J.Y. Foley
  • Seed morphology in Arum maculatum L. P. Harmes
  • Ophrys apifera Hudson subsp. jurana Ruppert found in Britain. R.J. Laurence
  • The status of Orchis francis-drucei Wilmott. M.R. Lowe, D.J. Tennant & A.G. Kenneth
  • Cross-pollination by wasps in Epipactis leptochila (Godf.) Godf. s.l. A.J. Richards

Reports. Watsonia 16 (1986), 217-236

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