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Watsonia vol. 24 (2002-03)


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Notes. Watsonia 24, 107-112

  • A new bramble of Northumbria and the Scottish borders. G.H. Ballantyne
  • A new name in the British flora: Persica x fennica (Reiersen) Stace. C.A. Stace
  • The re-appearance of Lobelia urens L. from soil seed bank at a site in South Devon. R.E.N. Smith

Book Reviews. Watsonia 24, 113-121

Obituaries & Report. Watsonia 24, 123-132

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Notes. Watsonia 24 (2002), 215-225

  • The enigma of montane Sagina maritima Don. R.W.M. Corner
  • Observations on introgression between Carex nigra and Carex bigelowii (Cyperaceae). R.W.M. Corner
  • A third list of British species of Rubus L. (Rosaceae) in north-west France. D.E. Allen
  • Nomenclatural complexities in publications of Sudre and Bouvet on Rubus L. (Rosaceae). D.E. Allen
  • Range extensions for Rubus rhombifolius Weihe ex Boenn. and Rubus babingtonianus W.C.R. Watson in East Anglia. A.L. Bull

Plant Records. Watsonia 24 (2002), 227-250

Book reviews. Watsonia 24 (2002), 251–256

Obituaries. Watsonia 24 (2002), 257–270

  • David McClintock (1913-2001), by Alan Leslie
  • Lily Breda Burt (1918-2001), by Mary Briggs
  • Andrew John Cadoux Malloch (1945-2001), by Geoffrey Halliday
  • Andrew A. Dudman (1930-2001), G. Halliday & A.J. Richards
  • Humphry John Moule Bowen (1929-2001), by S.L. Jury

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Notes. Watsonia 24 (2003), 447-453

  • Creeping inflation in the length of English county Floras 1730-1960. C.D. Preston & K.J. Walker.
  • Ploidy of Primula farinosa L. revisited. D.J. Hambler
  • New records for Fallopia x conollyana: is it truly such a rarity? J.P. Bailey & M. Spencer

Book reviews. Watsonia 24 (2003), 455-459

Obituaries. Watsonia 24 (2003), 461-465

  • Elizabeth Winsome Woodward (1924-2002), by A.J. Willis
  • Knut Faegri (1909-2001), by H.J.B. Birks & H.H. Birks
  • Anne Beatrice Mary Brewis (1911-2002), by D.E. Allen

AGM Report. Watsonia 24 (2003), 467-468

Leach, S.J. & Pearman, D.A. 2003. An assessment of the status of Gaudinia fragilis (L.) P. Beauv. (Poaceae) in the British Isles. Watsonia 24, 469-487

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Fay, M.F., O’Rourke, A. & Rich, T.C.G. 2003. A preliminary investigation of genetic variation in Western European Carex depauperata Curtis ex With. (Cyperaceae), Starved Wood-sedge. Watsonia 24, 507-511

Rich, T.C.G. & Hand, S.O. 2003. Conservation of Britain’s biodiversity: Hieracium snowdoniense (Asteraceae), Snowdonia Hawkweed. Watsonia 24, 513-518

Kitchener, G.D. 2003. A new Epilobium (Onagraceae) hybrid: Epilobium brunnescens (Cockayne) Raven & Engelhorn x Epilobium parviflorum Schreber (E. x argillaceum). Watsonia 24, 519-523

Grant, M.L. 2003. A new, purple-leaved form of Poa annua L. (Poaceae) is a cryptic weed. Watsonia 24, 525-526

Notes. Watsonia 24 (2003), 527-538

  • A specimen of “Cochlearia conferta” in the herbarium of the University of Birmingham. M.F. Godfrey
  • Carex muricata L. subsp. muricata (Cyperaceae) in Shropshire. S.J. Whild & A.J. Lockton
  • A new hybrid binomial in Narcissus L.  A.O. Chater & C.A. Stace.
  • Typificatino and the correct citation of the name Geranium purpureum Vill. subsp. forsteri (Wilmott) H.G. Baker. P.F. Yeo
  • Observations on Bromopsis benekenii (Lange) Holub in Britain. L.M. Spalton

Plant Records. Watsonia 24 (2003), 539-579

Book reviews. Watsonia 24 (2003), 581-586

Obituaries. Watsonia 24 (2003), 587-594

  • Margaret Cannon (1928-2002), by Edmund Launert
  • Joyce Smith (1920-2002), by A.C. Leslie
  • John Charles Bowra (1918-2002), by Pamela J. Copson
  • Norman Alan Burges (1911-2002), by Vernon Heywood
  • Enid Mary Hyde (1925-2002), by M.N. Sanford