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Watsonia vol. 25 (2004-05)


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  • Carex vaginata Tausch (Cyperaceae): a sedge new to England. R.W.M. Corner.

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Notes. Watsonia 25 (2004), 207–212

  • Tofieldia pusilla (Michx. Pers. at the Scottish border. M.E. Braithwaite.
  • The taxonomic status of Rubus orbifolius sensu W.C.R. Watson (Rosaceae). D.E. Allen.
  • A new site in Caithness for Saxifraga hirculus. J.K. Butler.
  • Rubus cromerensis A.L. Bull (Rosaceae) must give way to R. neumannianus Weber & Vannerom which has priority. A.L. Bull.

Book reviews. Watsonia 25 (2004), 213–220

Obituaries. Watsonia 25 (2004), 221–230

  • R.H. Roberts (1910-2003), by Nigel Brown
  • Peter John Selby (1946-2003), by Tony Mundell & Elizabeth Young
  • Philip Morgans Smith (1941-2004), by C.E. Jeffree
  • Francis William Simpson (1912-2003), by Martin Sanford

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Notes. Watsonia 25 (2005), 409-424

  • Cardamine x fringsii F. Wirtgen (Brassicaceae) in the British Isles. T.C.G. Rich & D.E. Allen
  • What is Rosa alba L.? R. Maskew & A.L. Primavesi
  • Erica mackaiana Bab. and Erica x stuartii (MacFarl.) Mast. (Ericaceae): two heathers new to South Kerry (v.c. H1), Ireland. E.C. Nelson
  • Rubus radulicaulis Sudre (Roasceae) in the Solent region. D.E. Allen
  • A previously undescribed bramble Rubus sect. Corylifolii (Rosaceae) of chalky boulder clay in East Anglia. A.L. Bull & A.C. Leslie
  • Hierochloe odorata (L.) Beauv. (Poaceae) - a grass new to England. M.E. Braithwaite.

Plant Records. Watsonia 25 (2005), 425-439

Obituaries. Watsonia 25 (2005), 441-444

  • Joan Florence Hall (1919-2004), by Clive Stace
  • Allan McGregor Stirling (1924-2004), by Peter MacPherson & Alison Rutherford