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Watsonia vol. 26 (2006-07)


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Notes. Watsonia 26 (2006), 67-69

  • An hystricean bramble (Rubus sp.) from inland Kincardineshire: listing by Babington, Rogers, Trail and Watson repudiated. D. Welch
  • A simple genetic base for the spreading and appressed hair types in Anthyllis vulneraria L. (Fabaceae). T.C.G. Rich

Plant Records. Watsonia 26 (2006), 71-100

Obituaries. Watsonia 26 (2006), 101-103

  • Derek Almey Ratcliffe (1929-2005)
  • Richard Charles Palmer (1935-2005)

Lansdown, R.V. 2006. Notes on the water-starworts (Callitriche) recorded in Europe. Watsonia 26, 105-120

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Foley, M.J.Y. 2006. J.H. Penson: mystery man and mystery record. Watsonia 26, 171-178

Plant Records. Watsonia 26 (2006), 179–195

Obituaries. Watsonia 26 (2006), 197-211

  • Franklyn Hugh Perring, by C.D. Preston & P.H. Oswald
  • Joyce Lambert, by Martin George & Clive Jermy
  • Richard Fitter, by Peter Marren

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Notes. Watsonia 26  (2007), 385-389

  • The Gunna (v.c. 103) record for Carex appropinquata Schum. (Cyperaceae). M.J.Y. Foley
  • Valerianella eriocarpa Desv. as a presumed native in Britain - an update. D.A. Pearman & B. Edwards.
  • Rubus milesianus wholly a garden escape in Britain? D.E. Allen.

Plant Records. Watsonia 26 (2007), 391-407

Book Reviews. Watsonia 26 (2007), 409-415

Obituary. Watsonia 26 (2007), 417-418

  • Larch Sylvia Garrad (1936-2005), by David Allen

Price, D.T. & Rich, T.C.G. 2007. One-way introgressive hybridisation between Sorbus aria and S. torminalis (Rosaceae) in southern Britain. Watsonia 26, 419-432

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Rumsey, F.J. 2007. An overlooked boreal clubmoss Lycopodium lagopus (Laest. ex Hartm.) Zinserl. ex Kusen. (Lycopodiaceae) in Britain. Watsonia 26, 477-480

Margetts, L.J. 2007. A new species of Taraxacum Wigg. (Asteraceae) from south-west England and Ireland. Watsonia 26, 481-484

Notes. Watsonia 26 (2007), 485-491

  • A fourth list of British species of Rubus L. (Rosaceae) in north-west France. D.E. Allen
  • Erica x williamsii Druce (E. tetralix L. x vagans L.): a note of typification. E.C. Nelson
  • An early specimen of Cystopteris diaphana (Bory) Blasdell supports its native status. F.J. Rumsey
  • The British endemic Hieracium cambricogothicum (Asteraceae) is probably extinct. T.C.G. Rich, J. Sawtschuk & I.P. Green.

Plant Records. Watsonia 26 (2007), 493-510

Obituaries. Watsonia 26 (2007), 511-526

  • Vera Gordon (1918-2006), by David Allen
  • Robert Allan Finch (1939-2006), by C.D. Preston
  • Francis Rose (1921-2006), by David Streeter