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Watsonia vol. 23 (2000-01)


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Notes. Watsonia 23 (2000), 213-220

  • Update on birdseed aliens (1985-1998). C.G. Hanson
  • Hieracium kentii sp. nov. (Asteraceae). P.D. Sell
  • Chara baltica rediscovered. J.E. Harris
  • Thlaspi perfoliatum L. new to Worcestershire. K. Barnett & T.C.G. Rich.

Book Reviews. Watsonia 23, 221-230

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Handley, R.J. & Davy, A.J. 2000. Discovery of male plants of Najas marina L. (Hydrocharitaceae) in Britain. Watsonia 23, 331-334

Notes. Watsonia 23 (2000), 335-348

  • Blunt, A.G. & Blunt, M.E. Corynephorus canescens (L.) P. Beauv. (Poaceae) at Kinver Edge, Staffordshire: a re-assessment.
  • Rich, T.C.G. A reanalysis of the Mistletoe (Viscum album L.: Loranthaceae) survey data from the 1970s and 1990s.
  • Rich. T.C.G., Jones, R.A. & Jebb, M. Three new British sites for Carex depauperata With. (Cyperaceae) represented in the Irish National Herbarium, Glasnevin.
  • Dines, T.D. & Preston, C.D. Eleocharis parvula discovered in Scotland.
  • Rich, T.C.G. & Brown, N. Suaeda vera Forssk. ex J.F. Gmel. (Chenopodiaceae), Shrubby Sea-blite, present in Anglesey (v.c. 52), Wales.
  • Pigott, C.D. A probably native and regenerating population of Tilia platyphyllos Scop. in Bedfordshire.
  • Allen, D.E. Further British species of Rubus L. (Rosaceae) in north-west  France.
  • Allen, D.E. Rubus angusticuspis Sudre (Rosaceae) in Scilly.

Book Reviews. Watsonia 23, 349-358

Obituaries. Watsonia 23 (2000), 359-372

  • Joan Wendoline Clark (1908-1999), by A.C. Jermy
  • David Edwin Coombe (1927-1999), by C.D. Preston
  • Lewis Charles Frost (1926-1998), by M.H. Martin & M.D. Ames
  • Hugh Allison Lang (1920-1999), by R.W.M. Corner
  • Bertram Evelyn Smythes (1912-1999), by S.L. Jury
  • Eric Vernon Watson (1914-1999), by S.L. Jury

Report. Watsonia 23 (2000), 373-375

Dixon, J.M. 2001. On the status of the genus Koeleria Pers. (Poaceae) in Britain. Watsonia 23, 377-390

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Notes. 2001. Watsonia 23, 443-453

  • Nitella gracilis (Smith) Agardh, an elusive charophyte new to Cardiganshire. R.A. Jones & N.F. Stewart.
  • Colonisation by Cochlearia danica L. along trunk roads in central Scotland from 1996 to 2000. D. Welch.
  • Alchemilla glaucescens Wallr. in v.c. 81 Berwickshire. M.E. Braithwaite.
  • Geranium robertianum L. var. maritimum (Geraneaceae): an earlier author. D.E. Allen.
  • Epilobium x kitcheneri McKean (Onagraceae) in East Cornwall. D.T. Holyoak &  G.D. Kitchener.

Book Reviews. Watsonia 23 (2001), 455-461

Obituary. Watsonia 23 (2001), 463-464

  • Raymond Paul Bowman (1931-1999), by Francis Rose.

Report. Watsonia 23 (2001), 465-467

Rich, T.C.G. 2001. What is Anthyllis vulneraria L. subsp. corbierei (Salmon & Travis) Cullen (Fabaceae)? Watsonia 23, 469-480

Khalaf, M.K. & Stacem C.A. 2001. The distinction between Cerastium tomentosum  L. and C. biebersteinii DC. (Caryophyllaceae), and their occurrence in the wild in Britain. Watsonia 23, 481-491

Henderson, S.A., 2001, The vegetation associated with Spiranthes romanzoffiana Cham. (Orchidaceae), Irish Lady's tresses, on the Isle of Coll, Inner Hebrides. Watsonia 23, 493-503

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Bailey, J.P. 2001. Fallopia x conollyana The Railway-yard Knotweed. Watsonia 23, 539-541

Notes. Watsonia 23 (2001), 543-551

  • The interspecific hybrids of the rhizomatous couches, Elytrigia Desv.  (Poaceae). C.A. Stace.
  • Salix caprea L. x S. myrsinifolia Salisb. x S. phylicifolia L. in Perthshire. D.J. Tennant.
  • A new species of Rubus Sect. Micantes (Rosaceae) formerly known as a variant of R. criniger (E.F. Linton) Rogers. A.L. Bull.
  • Dates of publication of county Floras. D.E. Allen.

Plant Records. Watsonia 23 (2001), 553-592

Book Reviews. Watsonia 23 (2001), 593-597

Obituary. Watsonia 23 (2001), 599-600

  • John Michael Mullin (1947-1999), by Mary Briggs.