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Watsonia vol. 22 (1998-99)


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Notes. Watsonia 22 (1998), 109-116

  • Corner, R.W.M. Northern limits attained by native British plants in north Peary Land, Greenland.
  • Gulliver, R.L. Population sizes of Gentianella uliginosa (Willd.) Boerner, Dune Gentian, on Colonsay (v.c. 102) in 1996.
  • Macpherson, P. & Stace, C.A. xAgropogon robinsonii (Druce) Melderis & D.C. McClint.
  • Rose, F. Gentianella uliginosa (Willd.) Boerner (Gentianaceae) found in Colonsay (v.c. 102), new to Scotland.

Book Reviews. Watsonia 22 (1998), 117-125

Obituaries. Watsonia 22 (1998), 127-138

  • Doreen Sylvia Lambert M.B.E. (1915-1996), by P. Hackney
  • Edgar W.B.H. Milne-Redhead M.B.E., I.S.O., T.D. (1906-1996), by B. Verdcourt
  • John Grant Roger (1909-1997), by D.A. Ratcliffe

Report. Watsonia 22 (1998), 139-142

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Notes. Watsonia 22 (1998), 181-193

  • Typification of some Barton and Riddelsdell names in Rubus L. (Rosaceae).  Watsonia 22, 181-193.

Book Reviews. Watsonia 22 (1998), 195-202

Obituaries. Watsonia 22 (1998), 203-207

  • Nicholas Polunin (1909-1997), by A. Bataille
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Notes. Watsonia 22 (1999), 283-286

  • A terrestrial form of Callitriche truncata Guss. subsp. occidentalis (Rouy) Braun-Blanquet (Callitrichaceae), by R.V. Lansdown

Book Reviews. Watsonia 22 (1999), 287-291

Obituaries. Watsonia 22 (1999), 293-295

  • William Moreton Condry (1918-1998), by A.O. Chater
  • Alfred A.P. Slack (1913-1998), by A.M. Stirling

Report. Watsonia 22 (1999), 297-300

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Notes. Watsonia 22 (1999), 421-432

  • Elytrigia repens (L.) Desv. ex Nevski subsp. arenosa (Spenner) A. Love (Poaceae) in South-east Yorkshire (v.c. 61). P.J. Cook.
  • The potential for seed dispersal by sea water in Coincya wrightii (O.E. Schulz) Stace and C. monensis (L.) W. Greuter & Burdet subsp. monensis. T.C.G. Rich.
  • Southward recolonisation by Mertensia maritima (L.) Gray on the coast of north-eastern Scotland. D. Welch & M. Innes.
  • Erica ciliaris L. (Ericaceae) rediscovered in the Blackdown Hills, on the Somerset-Devon border (v.c. 3). M.J. Edgington.
  • Gentianella uliginosa (Willd.) Boerner (Gentianaceae) rediscovered in North Devon. D.T. Holyoak.
  • Rubus campaniensis Winkel ex Beek (Rosaceae) in Britain. D.E. Allen.
  • Separation of Carex vulpina L. and C. otrubae Podp. (Cyperaceae) using transverse leaf sections. R.D. Porley

Book Reviews. Watsonia 22 (1999), 433-441

Obituaries. Watsonia 22 (1999), 443-449

  • John Heslop-Harrison (1920-1998), by J. Hawkes
  • Olga Margaret Stewart (1920-1998), by A.C. Jermy
  • Karl-Heinz Rechinger (1906-1998), by H.W. Lack